Monday, November 06, 2006

Hooray for casinos!!

Even though the casino can be extremely fun and addicting, it can also really get to you when you realize that your 2 grand in. Have you ever been in a situation where your night goes by so fast and you keep telling yourself " I'm only down x and I can come back", then you realize that by the time you told your self this 5 times, the score becomes, CASINO : 1 YOU: 0. Yes, the casino has officially won that night, you have just been another victim of "the attack of the casinos".

Well let me say that you can't expect to beat them over an extended period of time. All their games like craps, video poker, roulette, slots, keno, my favorite..Texas hold em, must be regarded as being strictly entertainment because the odds in these games are always tilted against the player. The house enjoys an advantage in those games on virtually every bet, so players are bound to ultimately lose(exception to hold em and other poker type games where its mainly based on the players). And i think that everyone knows this fact, however people still go to casinos thinking that they can "beat" the system and become the next millionaire over night. It is mathematically impossible to keep winning for an extended period of time.

BTW casinos love these kinda people who think that they can beat their game. Yes, their game! One thing to keep in mind when your gambling is, have fun. I know you guys are thinking, no one goes to gamble to have fun, well no, they don't, but keep in mind that your bound to lose so try to make the best of it while losing. :)

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