Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Best and worst money moves

This post was inspired by jims My Best and Worst Money Moves Ever (So Far!). and Henrys BD’s Best (and Worst) Money Moves . My best and worst money moves is also related to one another and it all happened within this year. Lets start with my worst..

Worst money move ever: So this summer started off with me getting a high paying internship. I was really excited and didnt know what to do with the money i was raking in so i was just looking for things to buy. Then the thought of buying a car came accross my mind. So of course ifound a nice car, a 2000 Honda Prelude for 8,700 dollars, which was a sweet deal at 85k miles(considering the original base cost was at 24 thousand).

So when i went to go test drive it,i fell it love with it. Such a great car btw. Then i did the stupidiest/worst move ever.

I bought the car wtih my credit card. STUPID ANDY!!!

When i bought it, i figured i would pay it off before the summer was over cause i was making some sweet dough over at my internship...however that was not the case. After putting 8,700 on my car, all other things started piling on top too. My insurance was about 600 at the time(for 6 months) and also had to pay for registrations fees which was another 500 bucks, and it gets even worse...i ended up buying 4 new tires for my car.(dont even ask why).

So by this point my credit card was almost at 10 thousand, insane! But it gets even worse...sometime a month from that point i got into this accident that costed me another 2,200 dollars. This accident was purely BS btw, long story short, some 100 year old dude ran into me from the side cause he wasnt looking and because there were no witnesses i had to pay the damage(you can check out the post here). So...after all that i was seriosuly hurting, which totaled the credit card debt to 12 thousand dollars!

As of today, i am still paying for this mistake and im currently at -6k, you can check out a post i made relating to how i plan on paying off my debt here. But hopefully all this nightmare will soon be over.

Best money move ever: My best money move ive ever made didnt physically save me or earned me a dime, or at least not yet. My best money move came from me learning from my previous mistake during this part summer. I now know the importance of saving and through this summers mistakes it put me on track of owning a home at the age of 25.

All in all, my worse move was also my best move, and if i were given the opportunity to take back buying my car i wouldnt because that experience was well worth the 12 thousand credit debt and eventually will make me a millionaire. :)

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