Saturday, November 04, 2006

The race to $0

Doesnt that sound great? Forget trying to save, im trying to get to freakin zero. On my last post, i was talking about my plans on owning a home at the age of 25 and how im currently at -6k. Well my friend henry and i are trying to make our way into the postive networth here. He puts up a post similair to mines and he gives us a little update on his Net worth, check it out.

Henry says that he should be hittin the positive mark sometime in 3-4 months but im gonna try to get there within the next two months, i think i can do it i just have to stick real tight with my budget. This means no more frequent stops at mcdonalds or if any at all. :(

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Binary Dollar said...

Good luck man. Especially with Christmas coming up.