Thursday, November 02, 2006

Save $1000's by investing in pre-paid legal

The average cost of a lawyer is estimated to be around $200 - $350 per hour, and this does not cover any kinds of other fees that might be attached. Now tell me who do you know that can pull out couple grand out of their pocket at any given time, cause thats about how much it would cost to get a lawyer. The solution to this is Pre-paid Legal. Pre-paid legal services refers to individual or group employee benefit legal plans in which members pay a monthly fee in exchange for access to a range of legal services on-call.

There are a number of reasons for choosing a pre-paid legal service.
Let me ask you this, have you ever..

Been overcharged for a repair?
Received a speeding ticket?
Been audited?
Purchased a home?
Tried to return a defective product?
Lost a security deposit?
Signed a contract?
Prepared a will?
Been in an accident?

Even though most people find themselves in these situations, the majority do not seek the advice or help of a qualified lawyer because
1.)It may cost too much.
2.)They may not know where to begin.
3.)The process is intimidating.

By having prepaid legal, you can call and talk to a lawyer about anything and get legal advise on how you should handle certain situations. Well theres a saying that goes like this," If you don't know your rights, you don't have any! ". If having prepaid legal services means having protection for me and my family and this only costs me 17 dollars a month, then its worth the investment cause you never know what lurks around the corner. When you get into a situation where you know your being taken advantage of, sometimes all it takes is a letter from a lawyer to end it right there. You just never know thats gonna happen.

This past summer i had a car accident(right after i bought my car btw) and it was %100 not at fault, but guess what, i had to pay the damage of my car which came to a total of 2200 dollars because of two things.

1.) the driver did not admit to hitting me on my side
2.) there were no witnesses

I later found out that all I needed was a lawyer to handle this situation and i would have saved 2grand simply because I didnt know what to do and how to approach the problem when it happened. So learn from my mistake and get prepaid legal because i dont know what else you can buy for $17 thats more important. You can check out their site by clicking here
Here are some general benefits of having prepaid legal:

*Writing a will for you and your spouse.
*Creating trusts.
*Court representation on charges such as DUI.
*Mediation in neighbor disputes.
*Representation in real estate transactions.
*Review of contracts.
*Discounts on legal services through a network of attorneys;
*Free legal services, such as the preparation of a property deed or simple will;
*Access to a database of legal forms and documents.

CBCNEWS has an article Pre-paid legal services: Worth the money?, you should check it out.


Anonymous said...

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FIRE Finance said...

Thanks for this great post. We were not aware of this service.

Bob said...

This is actually a scam and the company has been indicted for fraud.