Monday, January 29, 2007

Attractive people make more money?

I came across an article called attractive people earn more money and I knew I had to read it. It's quite interesting. According to CNN Money, the good looking, slim, tall people tend to make an average of 5 percent more an hour than the average Joe/Sally.

"For example, the study found there was a higher beauty premium among private sector lawyers than their government-supported counterparts since private attorneys need to attract and keep clients. "

It also said that women who were considered obese in terms of their BMI (body mass index) earned 17 percent less than women within their recommended BMI range.

Sad to say but I think all this is true, especially in college life where job interviews and on campus career fairs are being taken place. If you've the following characteristics:
  • Tall
  • Slim/built
  • Good looking
  • Powerful voice

then you're more likely to get picked for that interview. I've noticed many of my friends who were obese and friends who were not and more attractive, with the same credentials go into career fairs and the only ones who came out with an interview were the more attractive ones.

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