Thursday, November 30, 2006

Surprising 6 figure jobs

Want to make six figures? Here is a fun list of 6 figure jobs that I think are reasonable.

  • Court Reporter- If you got the skills to type 200+ words a minute, then this is your job. Special skills like this is always in demand

  • Professional Coach - About 20% of 10,000 coaches make six figures, according to industry estimates.

  • Mine Manager - Claustrophobia aside, this profession has a median of 106,000 dollars a year for those with the project management skills.

  • Sales person - Also know as the world's easiest high paying job for some, and the toughest low paying job for others. If you have a way with people, then this job is for you.

  • Truck Drivers - These long haul truck drivers whose willing to be on the road for weeks can pull over 100,000 dollars plus benefits.

  • Tech Writer - For those who understand high-tech issues, with the ability to write about them in way that makes them understandable to the masses, this job could be for you.

  • Restaurant Managers - If you able to work your way up from a kitchen staff or a waiter to a store manager, you could be making six figures.

  • Air Traffic Controllers - If you can manage the stress and then your looking at starting around 100,000.

  • Elementary Principle - The national median is said to be 76,000 a year but if you live in those higher income areas with large enrollment


Anonymous said...

I could only imagine being a elementary school principal in a well-to-do neighborhood. I could just see it now, nurturing the future of America. Mmmmm how nice. :)

Berry said...

Well, lets see... I have a degree in Elementary Education.

What do you mean by Professional Coach? That sounds appealing.

Martin said...

...But restaurant managers are also very likely to go bancrupt; must restaurant business go broke within a year or two...

(Read the book "Kitchen Stories" before starting a career in the restaurant business...)