Friday, November 10, 2006

5 easy steps to follow your "to do list".

Here's an idea that i came up with which basically helps me accomplish my goals, this really works for me so try it out.

My 5 easy steps, here they are:

  • Step 1: Go buy some post-it note pads. You know, the ones where you can take each sheet and stick it on a wall or something. They're really cheap and you can find them anywhere.
  • Step 2: Now write down your goals and or activities you want to accomplish on these note pads. For each goal, write it on a separate post-its. Make sure to not get too detailed when writing these posts. You want to keep it simple and short enough so that you can read it just by looking at it for a second or two.
  • Step3: This is important, make sure that on each post-it pads you write down the expected date you want to accomplish your task, or else it will never get done.
  • Step4: On each post, get a red pen and write on the bottom "$five dollars". (starting to get the idea?)
  • Step5: Stick these posts where you can see them everyday. I have mines on my wall right next to where I sit when I'm on my computer.

Now your ready to start. The main idea here is this. Now you have posts on your wall (or where ever you decide to put them) and for every one you have an objective or a goal with a date in which you want to accomplish your task. Basically how it works is this, if you cannot accomplish your post within that due date, you pay the penalty fee, which is written on each of these posts. You can set the amount to whatever you want whether it be 2 dollars or 10 per post, just don't cheat yourself.

Look at it like this, think of these posts as price tags. For each of these tasks/goals you cannot accomplish, you have to pay x dollars. Now you ask "where does this money go?". That's the great part about this, they all go into the "savings stash" or your "savings account" or where ever, it doesn't matter as long as your saving it. So now, you will try harder to get these goals/objectives done because not only do you see them everyday but it has a price tag on it! Isn't that great? When i look at my post, it makes me want to get things done because i don't want to pay that red fine.

It can't get any better than this. You either get your "things to do" accomplished, or you have to put money away for savings. Regardless, your helping your self achieve more by supporting each cause. You just gotta love how this works, does it get any easier?

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