Monday, October 30, 2006

Rules for getting out of debt

1.)The problem here is not how to get you out of debt, but rather recognizing what made you get in debt originally.To get out of debt, you cant just simply start off by trying to pay off everything that your in for, instead you need to start at the root. First you need to ask your self how you got in debt to begin with. When you find this source, thats when we can start getting you outta debt.

2.)Analyze what made you get in debt and see if you can notice a pattern so you can try to change from there. Its always best to tackle the problem from the source. Many people who finds themselves finally getting out of debt eventually gets back in debt and thats because they never learn/realize what got them in debt in the first place.As hard as it is to just pay off everything you owe, its pointless to do so unless you change your reasons why you were in debt in the first place, or else you'll be back at where you started after having everything paid off.

3.)Once you have realize/analyzed what got you into debt, then you need to make sure you throw out all the bad habbits that caused all of this, then you can start to pay things off.

The next problem: most people after getting out of debt thinks that theyre now in the safe zone because theyre not in the negatives. Well if you think in terms of negatives, then when you get out of debt, your technically at a zero. Which to me does not sound like your in the "safe zone". Once you get out of debt, then think of it as a clean start, you now are ready to be in the positives.

Dont stop at zero, think smart and get ahead. After getting outta debt, start up a savings account of some kind, whether it be a mutual funds of some sort or investment in a 401k plan or IRA. This is a great habbit and surely will be a good payoff in the long run.


Wilks said...

Great post! Very oversimplified. But that's just what some people need. It reminds me of the SNL skit with Steve Martin. "If you cant afford something, dont buy it!"

Mangrove Root Gang said...

Very important point! Most people operate by trying to tackle the symptoms only, but equally (or more) important is finding the root of the cause. Thanks!