Thursday, October 26, 2006

Problem with everyone who "wants" to save

Okay, lets face it, we all know that we should invest but heres the problem; investing is hard to do! We all love to spend our hard earned money but cant bare to save any of it, why?

Well let me tell you why, its because we cant get enough of it. There are people who makes 60k+ a year and still have more debts than those who make 30k. How is this possible?

Problem; No matter what salary bracket your in, you have your own idea of what is "expensive" . The person who makes 30k a year will generally have a tighter budget than the person that makes 60k because they have to live with what they got. So when your budget is higher, than you tend to let yourself buy more things.

Solution; So put your shoes in the poor mans shoes, cause thats a great way to start. You'll notice that half of the junk you buy you dont really need. And with that money, you can be saving. You just have to adjust your lifestyle so that you have the room to save. For those of us who doesnt make 60k, which according to statistics most dont, you can start buy putting away your credit cards and only carrying cash. This way you can visually see whats being spent and whats being "preserved".

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